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Current status: In Development

Download the sample soundtrack album for free here: https://forgottendawn-vgm.bandcamp.com/album/defrag-sample-ost

.defrag is a surreal experimental adventure game where the objective is to make your way through the strange surroundings and meet several colorful characters along your journey. Despite being made on an RPG-oriented engine, the game stays at its core an adventure game with an emphasis on exploration.

Your hero is given a quest to find several characters who have gone missing. However, that is only part of a bigger problem: a mysterious syndrome that corrupts the minds of the infected with no apparent chance of recovery. It is up to you to unravel the mystery behind the onset of "noise" and uncover the world's troubled past.

I made this game as kind of a self-imposed challenge over a span of 2 weeks in August 2016. Over time, .defrag evolved into something far bigger and more complex than I had originally planned, so much that it is still in development to this day.

As a word of warning, the game features mature content such as suicide, violence, strong language, drug and tobacco references, which might disturb or offend some viewers. Discretion is therefore advised and the same warning can be found at the start of the experience.

It features:

  • Monochrome, minimalist character and level design
  • Strong language and mature content which might not fit to everyone
  • An experimental soundtrack
  • Colorful characters with intriguing backgrounds

Development log