Is the project dead?

Short answer: Hell naw.

Long answer: It’s gonna take a while, possibly before 2020. =) Well, here’s the thing. Aside from real life being in the way (seriously, will they ever patch it?), I’m trying to make sure the whole experience flows as it should.

So far, I’ve implemented a wealth of subtle changes compared to the preview version. These changes have been designed to better lead the player to the next important plot point and streamline the events flow without sacrificing walking exploration too much.

I’ve also applied fixes to the graphics and dialogue for the sake of consistency. For instance, Blob’s name is always capitalized unless he’s the one communicating. I will publish the full changelog once the proper version comes out.

I’ve implemented all these changes to drive the point further home, that is, the full version won’t be just a graphical update. A new half of the game is currently being written, as well as a more satisfying conclusion that ties everything up.

So, even if in the preview version it is entirely possible to achieve the best possible ending, it still won’t fully represent the final product. In fact, the conditions to achieve the various endings will change in the full version of the game.

I’ll be sure to share more images and concept artwork in the coming days/weeks/months. So, stay tuned and thanks for your support. =)

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