.defrag's future

Hello, good people. I hope you’re doing great!

I was just passing by for a quick update. Development on this game will be resumed at some point in the near future due to numerous real life commitments. I’m planning some great things for .defrag and it’s actually far from done.

I kinda wanted to keep this under wraps until the full release, but since development is gonna be slated indefinitely, I figured I’d tease some details about the future.

The next version won’t be just a graphical update. There will be some new content and a second build-up leading to the epilogue we all know. A new character will also be introduced whose presence has already been slightly hinted by someone we should already be familiar with.

There are still a handful of mysteries that haven’t been uncovered yet, so that’s mostly what the full version will be about.

Until then, see you!

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